The Value of Learning WordPress Web Design

Learn why learning WordPress can be profitable for your business or organization.

Chances are, if you’re interested in learning WordPress, it’s because you need a professional website—either for your own side-hustle or business, or the company or organization that you work for. We design websites for a living, so we well-know the demand for WordPress website designers, and we highly recommend this as a career choice! You’ll have lots of work, real quick.

However, if you’re not interested in becoming a web designer per se, but because you need website that you can maintain yourself, learning WordPress is also a great option.

Here are a few reasons why learning WordPress can be a profitable decision for your business or organization.


You’ll be your own website design agency

Professional, custom WordPress websites can be costly. If you are working in education, for a smaller company, a non-profit, or for yourself, hiring an agency to design your website may not be an affordable option for you.

We recommend using the Generate Press Premium theme and GenerateBlocks plugin, which will give you total design freedom to create whatever website you need without touching a line of code (unless you really want to). This theme focuses on speed, usability, & accessibility above all else. It prioritizes the essentials your website needs in order to achieve optimal performance for your visitors and search engines.

You’ll have full control over your content and SEO

One of the most important reasons to build your website in WordPress opposed to other website builders is that you have complete control over your content and SEO. Optimizing your website with SEO best-practices is crucial for getting more traffic. And when you’re showing up on the first page of a Google search, you’re more likely to get more business.

WordPress websites tend to rank higher than others in Google search engines. Google loves WordPress because of the way it works technically.

You’ll maintain your website yourself

Like a boss 2

You have a new WordPress website. Maybe it’s a website you designed yourself or a website someone else designed for you or your company. Who’s going to maintain it?

Website designers and agencies charge hourly rates and costly monthly maintenance retainers, and you can bet that you’ll need to include this service in your budget as the WordPress software, plugins, and SEO parameters are constantly changing. Knowing how to maintain your website yourself will save you a lot of time and money.

What about content? Need to add a new blog article? Update content on your home page? Add a photo gallery? Do these changes need to be made… like, yesterday? When you take our course, you’ll learn how to maintain your website and make your own content changes on your time schedule without ever having to get your web designer on the phone.

You can implement your own digital marketing strategy

A website is a digital marketing tool meant to help you bring in business. Do you need an email newsletter? You can add this functionality to your website (we’ll show you how.) What about a landing page for a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign, or a social media ad? How about blog articles that you can repost on LinkedIn? You’ll learn how to do all of this and more in class, and your website will serve as the hub for all your digital marketing efforts (as it should!)

How to get started learning WordPress

When diving into the realm of WordPress, a plethora of educational resources awaits eager learners, catering to various learning styles and skill levels. From comprehensive online courses on platforms like Udemy and Coursera to free tutorials and guides on websites like WPBeginner and WordPress.org, the options are abundant. Additionally, YouTube channels such as WP101 and WPCrafter offer engaging video tutorials, ideal for visual learners seeking step-by-step guidance. For those craving interactive learning experiences, WordPress meetups and workshops provide invaluable opportunities to connect with experts and fellow enthusiasts while honing practical skills. Whether one prefers structured courses, self-paced tutorials, or community-driven events, the educational landscape surrounding WordPress is rich and diverse, ensuring that aspiring developers and website creators have ample resources at their fingertips to master the platform. Visit the our Educational Resources page for more ideas!

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